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Dynamic Windows 3.2 Status Update
Screenshots of the Android visual fixes... things are coming together, but Android doesn't seem to want to fully connect to the server.

[Image: device-2021-10-31-184636.png]
[Image: device-2021-10-22-162925.png]
Redesigned the Preferences dialog so it looks better on more platforms. It looked bad on GTK3+, iOS and Android... here is where it looks now after the redesign.... still something wrong with the buttons on Android... they are not obeying the expand flag horizontally.... but otherwise looks pretty good. Smile

[Image: Win32-Preferences.png]
[Image: Screen_Shot_2021-10-24_at_11.19.31_PM.png]
[Image: Screen_Shot_2021-10-24_at_11.22.30_PM.png]
[Image: device-2021-10-25-124942.png]
[Image: GTK3-Preferences.png]
[Image: OS2-Preferences.png]
Finally HandyFTP is functional on Android! The issue was I was checking for _BIG_ENDIAN, and apparently just checking for that doesn't work since Android supports both big and little endian, I had to check _BYTE_ORDER.  Now it is correctly detecting little endian and can successfully make connections!

So matching the earlier iOS screenshot, an Android screenshot with an active file transfer! Smile

[Image: device-2021-11-01-181340.png]
I have resurrected the Go language bindings... Go 1.6 implemented Go pointer restrictions by default (which can be disabled with an environment variable).  I kind of let the Go bindings hang at that point until they gave a solution to the problem.  As of Go 1.17, there is a new feature cgo.Handle which facilitates passing Go pointers to Cgo.  GoDWindows was previously also hosted on BitBucket, and when BitBucket dropped Mercurial support the repository disappeared, leaving the only copies of GoDWindows likely on my personal machines. 

I have created a new repository on SourceForge (as well as a mirror on my personal server), converted to the new Go 1.17 cgo.Handle to pass the Go function pointers to Dynamic Windows and am in the process of adding the new APIs and callbacks to the two versions of the go test program.  

Go dropped support for MacOS prior to 1.13, so unless Homebrew or MacPorts gets Go 1.17 building on older versions, it requires MacOS 10.13 or Windows 7 to try it out.  (Not sure if there are any requirements for Linux/FreeBSD/etc) I plan to have the Go bindings ready for use by the time Dynamic Windows 3.2 is released... my hope is to have both out by the end of the year.
The word wrap setting has been fixed or implemented on both iOS and Android... iOS had defaulted to word wrap on, and Android defaulted to it off... now dw_mle_set_word_wrap() functions to toggle the setting... unfortunately I can't remember which one is the correct default.  So another commit coming once I figure out which default is correct.

Here is the HandyFTP about dialog looking correct on Android:

[Image: device-2021-11-16-144823.png]
Initial printing support added to iOS and Android... need to fix a few bugs... but the basics work... the major pieces are complete for 3.2.

[Image: Screen_Shot_-_iPad_Pro_2021-12-12_at_06.05.20.png]
[Image: Screenshot_1639233772.png]

Things left on my TODO lists for iOS and Android:
Group boxes - Currently implemented as normal boxes. Can we implement them natively with a title?
Window management - raise/lower/minimize.  Should we modify the window list order with these?
Application icon - Currently set with platform resources, the API does nothing.
Default Font - Unimplemented on Android.... a way to override application default font.
Container - Add a way to implement multiple columns... might need a new API to configure this.
Container date and time columns not implemented on Android... only needed if we support multiple columns.
Control/Window reparenting - This is mainly used for MDI on other platforms... no MDI on iOS or Android.
Click Default - Automatically click a button when hitting ENTER.  Not sure if this is needed on iOS/Android.
Tree/MDI/Taskbar - Things that completely don't exist on iOS/Android.  Probably won't implement.

Most of these probably won't be done until after 3.2 if ever.
Android has no system color picker, so here is a screenshot of the one I am using, using code from Anton Popov:

[Image: Screenshot_1639632207.png]

and in contrast the system color picker in iOS 15:

[Image: Screen_Shot_-_iPad_Pro_2021-12-15-at_23.34.50.png]

Probably just going to squash some bugs, maybe implement group boxes... and call it finished for 2021 and DW 3.2!
And just because I am in a screenshot mood... and I never really took comparative screenshots like this when I was working on it... the file pickers on iOS and Android:

[Image: Screen_Shot_-_iPad%20Pro_-_2021-12-16_at_00.12.09.png]
[Image: Screenshot_1639636016.png]

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