July 20, 2024

Welcome to DBSoft.org.

This is the web site for Brian Smith's DBSoft open source software.

I haven't been too active recently, so to let everyone know here are my current active projects:

Dynamic Windows - A GTK-like window toolkit for creating modern crossplatform applications. (OS/2, Windows, Unix, Mac, iOS, Android)

Dynamic Windows Interface Builder - A GUI interface builder which generates cross platform XML. (OS/2, Windows, Unix, Mac, iOS, Android)

HandyFTP - An FTP/FXP client based on Dynamic Windows. (OS/2., Windows, Unix, Mac, iOS, Android)

DynamicMail - A free PMMail clone based on Dynamic Windows (OS/2, Windows, Unix, Mac).

ControlCenter - A free Stardock ControlCenter clone. (OS/2, Windows, Unix, Mac. iOS, Android)

White Star - A MacOS/BSD focused fork of Pale Moon. (Mac, Windows, Unix)

Currently inactive projects which may be active again soon:

BitchX - Console and Graphical IRC client. (Unix, OS/2, Windows, Mac)

Everblue - A port of X11 to the Presentation Manager allowing Unix applications to run like native OS/2 applications. (OS/2)

Installer - A crossplatform installation program for distributing binary applications. (OS/2, Windows, Unix)

Nuke's Virtual Terminal - A Presentation Manager terminal emulator to run unix console applications in. (OS/2)

Nuclear Visuals - Visualizer plugin for PM123 (OS/2)

Some notes about me and my software:

Most of my software is released under BSD-like licenses unless GPL code was used, then under the terms of the GPL license it is also released under the GPL. To address why I prefer the BSD style license I'd like to say that I prefer the BSD style license because it gives the programmer more freedom. While I respect the fundamental idea of the GPL, I think that the programmer needs freedom more than the source code does. While some may argue that giving the programmers the freedom to close their source will inevitably cause them to do so, I would like to take the more optimistic point of view and take the position that the code will be likely be free eventually. The more power to the individual who can make a few dollars off of their innovation. :)

I can also be reached by email at brian@dbsoft.org.


Dynamic Windows 3.3 and Interface Builder 1.0b5 Released!

Dynamic Windows 3.2 and Interface Builder 1.0b4 Released!

White Star MacOS Browser Announced

Dynamic Windows 3.1 and Interface Builder 1.0b3 Released!

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