July 20, 2024

Press Release April 15, 2005

DBSoft Network Suite Announced

After years of redevelopment the DBSoft Network Suite is preparing for it's first public beta test. The suite is comprised of a number of components, including a firewall, traffic shaper, tunneling, PPPoE and diagnosis tools. The suite is supported on Windows 2000/XP, OS/2, Linux (intel), FreeBSD (intel), MacOS X and Solaris (sparc). The network suite is based on the source code I wrote for F/X Communications as the basis for their InJoy Firewall and Dialer products and numerous BSD and L/GPL open source applications.

For anyone concerned with the legality of the source code shared with F/X Communications, email me at brian@dbsoft.org and I will email you a copy of the settlement agreement which outlines this.

I am currently planning on open sourcing the project to speed development in providing an excellent cross platform networking library. The product will be free for non-commercial use and largely (if not completely) open source. Target platforms will be OS/2, FreeBSD, Windows NT/2K/XP, Linux, Solaris and MacOS X. Parts will be under the GPL, BSD-style and a more strict proprietary license.The L/GPL components source code will obviously be available as soon as the product goes into beta testing.

The source code is being moved into a public CVS server as it is verified to be entanglement free.

Firewall and Dialer Reimplementation Project

Module Current Status
Firewall GUI Complete
Device Drivers Complete
Utility Complete but some parts untested
PPP Complete based on BSD PPP code
PPPoE Complete but some parts untested
IPSec Largely Complete
Logview Complete
Firewall Present but not feature complete
Filelib Complete using libxml
PPTP Not started
Installer Complete
Pluto Complete (open source)
IP/Routing Complete
Dynamic Windows Complete
Generate Removed
Utilities Complete
Makever Complete
Communications Complete but some parts untested
Authentication Largely Complete
Console Interface Incomplete and will likely be deprecated
Firewall Core Complete
Dialer Core Not started will likely be replaced by new GUI
NAT Not started
IPFrag Complete
DHCPd Reimplementation in progress

Brian's big to do list:

MacOS X GUI currently using the free Apple X11 subsystem based on XFree86. Finish move to Aqua (Cocoa).
Finish OS/2 Device Driver reimplementation as dual layer driver so it binds nicely to both the network and protocol stacks.
Back port Linux driver to the 2.4 tree.